Perspective Shift

10 05 2011

Say you live in a house and you have a small back yard. You pay a landscape company to come once a week to come and mow the grass, maybe trim some bushes,  they blow some leaves around with a loud gas powered blower and then take off. This all happens within an 8 minute period. You pay the landscape company $20 a week. Then the water it takes for your back yard lawn and suburban scape costs you another $30 dollars a week. What do you really get for $50 a week, $2oo a month…a green lawn full of chemical synthetic fertilizer that will give you a rash if it touches your skin. Leaves you itchy for a while. What if I told you I can install and maintain a sustainable organic produce garden for less. It would not only cut your water usage in half but also provide the best organic produce you have ever experienced.  Saving you money on produce and boosting your health and immune system to a whole new level.